The JBG Central Heart of the Zapatistas before the World denounces the attacks, provocations, threats, plunder and violence from people affiliated to political parties in San Marcos Avilés






20 APRIL 2013











In our last denouncement on July 1, 2011 we described all the barbarities committed by people affiliated to the different political parties, supported by the three levels of the bad official government; since that time the attacks, threats, thefts, destruction of crops and acts of harassment, led by Lorenzo Ruiz Gómez against our Zapatista support bases in the community of San Marcos Avilés have not stopped; we would now like to mention the following events:

1. On July 29, 2011 the compas of San Marcos Avilés realized that one of the attackers had made a deal with another party member from the Tacuba community to exchange a sound system for a rifle, they saw it was a 16 rifle of 22 caliber and afterwards, he was showing off the gun as he was pointing it at the daughter of the compa Juan Velasco Aguirre. Another compa realized that he was carrying the rifle to the coffee plantation where compas had been dispossessed.

The aggressor, who is called Santiago Cruz Diaz, says that he bought the gun to kill some Zapatistas and also to use it against the [human rights] observers.

2. On August 1, 2011 the aggressors went to Chilón to talk to the former municipal president, to the accountant Antonio, and the accountant told the aggressors that he would help them with the problems they have. The former municipal president said that he would ask for a hearing in Tuxtla and asked the aggressors to make a statement to be signed by all the ejidatarios and also by the women, and young people. The statement should explain that all the things for which they are blamed by the Good Government Junta and the Frayba Human Rights Center are all lies.

3. On January 17, 2012 our support base compaňero Gerardo and his compaňeros were cutting their coffee collectively; there were eight Zapatista support bases in the coffee plantation, when at 11:30 am they met the party supporter and leader from the Green Party (PV) Lorenzo Ruiz Gómez and his son Ismael Ruiz Núñez. These people from the political party, mainly Juan Velasco Mendoza, started to say the coffee plantation did not belong to the compas and that they should leave now, and if they did not they would be forced to leave, he also said that the support bases were worthless, that the international observers were useless, he also said that FRAYBA was worthless and so was the good government junta.

4. On January 18, 2012 Vicente Ruiz López (PRI) and his sons Vicente Ruiz Méndez (PRI) and Samuel Ruiz Méndez cut down 100 coffee trees and pulled up the chayote plants from the piece of land of our support base compaňero Gerardo. The party supporters said they were going to continue to do this and kept repeating the same words as before.

5. On February 9, 2012, the compaňeros Javier Ruiz Cruz, owner of a coffee field, and José Hernández Ruiz, at around 1:00 pm found 108 coffee trees destroyed, 94 uprooted, 14 cut from the trunk; the youngest coffee trees were 1 year old, most of the trees were two years old, but in the upper part near the land a pile of 35 trees were found piled up that had been thrown out on a cliff on the way to Tacuba Nueva community. The value of these plants would be an average price of 130.00 for each tree, meaning the total value would be 14,040.00 pesos.

6. On February 19 the ejidal commissioner Ernesto Lopez Nuñez was heard on the radio talking to the agent Aristeo Cante Cruz accusing the Zapatista support base Mariano Pérez of throwing a stone at a car driving down the road. The houses of our support bases who were accused were attacked with stones.

7. On February 21, 2012, at 9 pm party supporters blocked with rocks the main road situated opposite the autonomous school, however, the ejidal commissioner of San Marcos accused the Zapatista support bases who live opposite the school of blocking the road.

8. On February 28, 2012, they cut with machetes and pulled up 75 coffee trees from the field of the compaňero Enrique Pérez Núñez. Also people from the official (ruling) party stole 100 pumpkins from his field.

9. On March 2, 2012, Enrique Pérez Núñez spoke to one of the aggressors, who said the party supporters have a new strategy to evict our compaňeros Zapatistas support bases. They also  said they were going to continue with the second phase of taking away the rights of the support base compaňeros and continue destroying and stealing from the cornfields of our compaňeros, because these attacks have no repercussions; at 9 pm on the same day, the party supporter Lorenzo Ruiz Gómez and his son Andrés Ruiz Nuñez, on their way back to their community of Tacuba, stopped to kick the planks of the house of support base Diego Velasco Aguilar, from there they carried on and threw a stone at the house of the support base Juan Velasco Mendoza and also threw another stone at the autonomous Zapatista school and shouted that the Zapatistas are worthless to them and that they have weapons of .38 caliber (gun), 16 caliber (rifle) and cartridges for them, and they kept saying they had an AK47 and high velocity rifles used by the military, and  are well loaded with two magazines. When these two party supporters came to their houses they fired five shots into the air with a .38 caliber gun, saying they were not afraid at all because they were armed.

10. On March 27, 2012, at 12 noon while our support base compaňeros were praying in the church, the compa Juan Pérez Nuñez was the victim of a robbery in his house, they broke the timbers in the lower part of his house and dug down into the ground and managed to steal a package of dry coffee beans weighing 50 kilos.

11. On March 31, 2012, the party supporters and the aggressors held an assembly.

The first point they dealt with was that they made an agreement  about the compas who had pulled up some pine and they were totally forbidden to cut more wood and if they returned to cut more wood they would seize our compaňeros and take them to the official municipality of Chilón, Chiapas, along with the chainsaw operator; and the ejidal commissioner, the agent and his assistants made a deed of agreement which the 70 ejidatarios signed, telling the chainsaw operator that he must not come back to cut more trees for the compas and forcing him to sign the agreement.

The second point: they made an agreement to request the Final program, all 70 ejidatarios agreed and said to the commission that if anyone objects they will be expelled from the community, and also said that the support base compaňeros were not paying the property taxes each year, that when carrying out land measuring the rights of the compas will be transferred to their children, the ejidatarios will treat them as animals who will have no rights to make cornfields, they will have no right to take trees for firewood .

The third point: agreed that because the compas are not paying for their electricity they would start to remove electric supply from each house of our compaňeros.


On 25 January 2013 at 7 o’clock in the morning, an aggressor from San Marcos community by the name of Pedro Canté Mendoza went to the piece of land of ​​our compaňero Zapatista support base Diego Aguilar Velasco and stole100 coffee bushes which were already planted.

On January 26, 2013, a group of aggressors Vicente Ruiz López, Alejandro Ruiz Núñez, Rubén Martínez Vázquez, Tomás Hernández Aguilar, Jose Cruz Hernandez, Manuel Vázquez Gómez, Santiago Cruz Diaz, Abraham Canté López, Carlos Ruiz Gómez and Ernesto López Núñez invaded a portion of land of our support base compaňero José Hernández Ruiz, and cut down 100 banana plants.

On January 27, 2013, at about 4 o’clock in the afternoon, two aggressors called Socrates Ruiz Núñez and Ismael Ruiz Núñez, both sons of the leader of the attackers Lorenzo Ruiz Gómez, went to the land of Pedro Canté López to pull up 100 coffee bushes, 16 of those bushes they took away.

This was not the first time these aggressors had committed these acts, they have often come to steal sugar cane from the field of our compaňero.

On January 29, 2013, a compaňero support base Javier Ruiz Cruz informs us that he has a 32 x 25 meter field on the bank of a lagoon, but the attackers put a fence around the lagoon, invading part of the field of our compaňero Javier Ruiz Cruz, it is not known why that place is fenced, but there are rumours that it is for building a military camp.

On February 6th 2013, they came in the night to steal some chickens from our compaňero support base Miguel Gómez Guzman, it has not been identified who did it, but it is believe it was one of the previous aggressors.

On February 8, 2013, at 12 noon he found a horse tied in his coffee plantation belonging to one of the attackers called Santiago Cruz Diaz, supporter of the PRI party. This is not the first time the aggressor has tied his horse in the coffee plantation of our compaňero, because he has done so previously on several occasions.

On February 11, 2013, our compaňero Manuel Hernández López was informed by some of the aggressors, that the ejidal commissioner Ernesto López Núñez, Manuel Vázquez Gómez from the vigilance council and auxiliary agent Juan Perez Mecia, belonging to the PRI party, have sent a list of the names of the support bases to the federal electricity company in Yajalón for not paying the tax for the electricity. These aggressors have requested support from other nearby communities and threaten the support bases compaňeros to cut their electricity service.

On 12 February 2013, they stole 2 pieces of embroidery from the home of our support base compaňera Gloria Martínez Vázquez, while she was picking coffee in her coffee plantation, the value of each piece of embroidery is $500, and for the two the amount is $1,000.

On March 3, 2013 at 8 pm the aggressors and party officials met with the main leader Lorenzo Ruiz Gómez, and said there was no alternative but to kill those who walk near their homes, first they would murder the children of our compaňeros and this is their job, asking what they´re going to do about it as the main leader, LORENZO RUIZ GOMEZ, who is from the Chilón municipal police, and afterwards he asked his other compaňeros to murder our compaňero Juan Velasco Aguilar and the other Zapatista support base compaňeros; they said they are ready to kill our compaňeros and they have enough weapons.

On 9 March 2013 our compaňero Juan Velasco Aguilar and other compaňeros were working, and about 50 meters away there were 3 children of the aggressors called Vicente Ruiz Méndez (PRI) Luis Vásquez López (PV) Samuel Vásquez López (PV), of about 20 years of age, these three children of the aggressor struck their machetes 15 times against a stone, as a way to show threat to our compaňeros.

On 13 March 2013 they pulled up seven newly planted coffee plants of our compaňero Agustin Pérez Núñez and the aggressor was identified as Oscar Cante López from the Green Party (PV).

On 17 April 2013 the municipal president of Chilón sent a tractor to San Marcos Avilés to flatten a plot of land, seized 32 by 25 meters, owned by support base compaňero Javier Ruiz Cruz and so the tractor was protected by 120 people from different parties from the same community of San Marcos Avilés. Our support base compaňero could do nothing to defend his property.

The next day, April 18th, the tractor continued to work on the site surrounded by the same number of people from the political parties as the day before and with 7 lorries to carry the gravel. However up to now we do not know for what purpose they are flattening and filling in the land of our compaňero.

To corroborate these facts mentioned we have the testimony of national and international observers who are installed in a camp of observation in the Ejido San Marcos Avilés.

For these acts of provocation, aggression and seizing of the land and property of our compaňeros we blame directly the following men: Lorenzo Ruiz Gómez (PV), José Cruz Hernández (PRI), Rubén Martínez Vásquez (PV), Santiago Cruz Díaz (PRI), Vicente Ruiz López (PRI), Manuel Díaz Ruiz (PV), Ernesto López Núñez (PRI) new member of the commission, Manuel Vásquez Gómez (PRI), Alejandro Núñez Ruíz (PRI), Victor Núñez Martínez (PV), Victor Díaz Sánchez (PV), José Hernández Méndez (PRI), Tomás Hernández Aguilar (PV) Ernesto Méndez Gutiérrez (PV), Raú Cante López (PV), Abraham CanteLópez (PRI), Gustavo Cante López (PV), Juan Pérez Cruz (PRI), Rogelio Ruiz Gómez (PV), Carlos Ruiz Gómez (PV), Pedro Canté Mendoza (PV), Carmelino Hernández Hernández (PRI), Rodolfo Ruiz Pérez (PRI) Antonio Cante Mendoza (PV), Nicolás Cante Cruz (PV), Pedro Cante Cruz (PV) Vicente Ruiz Méndez (PRI Francisco Daniel), Manolo Cruz Díaz (PRI), Antonio Gómez Pérez (¿?), Ezequiel Cruz Vásquez (PV), Cruz Gómez (PV), Sebastián Díaz Vásquez (PV), Manuel Cante Gómez 11(the younger) (PV), Domingo Guzmán Gómez (PV), Celestino Guzmán Canté (PV), Rogelio Núñez Martínez (PV), Pedro Hernández Méndez (PRI), Juan Núñez Martínez (PV), Rus Bel Hernández Núñez Martínez (PV), Alejandro Hernández Sánchez (PV), EMA Ruiz Gómez (PV), José Hernández Méndez (PV).

We as the good government junta of the highlands area of Chiapas have during previous years been denouncing all the shameful acts of these people from the political parties, who always want to make more problems between indigenous of the same community; they were organized by Sabines, and now by Manuel Velasco Coello. But unfortunately the three levels of official government have done nothing to stop the injustice and the violation of human rights that is being committed against our support base compaňeros of the ejido San Marcos Avilés. The response to our complaints has been swearing, teasing and more threats to our compaňeros.

We as the Good Government Junta will not cease to denounce publicly the provocations, harassment and assaults suffered by our brothers and sisters in any community and municipality in our area. Although the bad State, municipal and federal governments will continue supporting, advising and backing the aggressors, so they continue provoking, threatening and depriving our Zapatista support bases of their rights. Because even at this time there are no signs of an end to this aggressive and arrogant attitude of the bad governors and the people affiliated to the different political parties.

Because they think that in this way they will put an end to our struggle with provocations, threats, attacks and persecutions of the Zapatista communities who are struggling for the construction of our autonomy as original peoples, but we want you all to know that no one is going to stop our struggle, because we the Zapatistas are going to keep going forward, whatever it costs us, no matter what happens, because it is our right and obligation to struggle for justice, for freedom and for true democracy.

For now this is all we have to say, we will be watching what may happen in the community where they will not allow our compaňeros to live in peace.















DECEMBER 8, 2012

To national and international civil society.

To compañeros (as) adherents to the national Other Campaign

To the Zexta International

To the honest brothers of national and international human rights

To the alternative media

Brothers and sisters

We publicly denounce what is happening in our territory.

The authorities of the Good Government Junta denounce in front of public opinion the events occurring in this autonomous municipality of Francisco Gomez, Chiapas, Mexico.

The federal, state and municipal governments continue to pursue their strategy of persecuting and imprisoning our innocent EZLN support base compañeros, because, according to versions from our support bases, our compañero Alfonso Cruz Espinosa from the community of San Antonio Tonina, Rebel Zapatista Autonomous Municipality of Francisco Gomez, has an order of apprehension against him.

First – Now the bad government issues an arrest warrant against compañero Alfonso Cruz Espinosa on the mere pretext that the autonomous municipality of Francisco Gómez built a collective craft store there on our reclaimed land for the benefit of our compañeros, support bases of the EZLN in resistance.

Second – The Good Government Junta also demands that the three levels of the bad government respect the agreements made and signed on January 28, 2006 in the offices of the independent council of Francisco Gómez; because we the Zapatistas, we know how to respect agreements, because we are respecting the land that Senora Socorro and her daughters are continuing to work.

Third – The Good Government Junta also denounce that the current municipal president of Ocosingo, Chiapas, is destroying Mayan mounds and tombs for the construction of a bridge for the benefit of former Mayor Arturo Suñiga and other ranchers in that area. We wonder, is it not a crime to destroy the national heritage?

Fourth – We also demand that Juan Yadeum and the director Juliza Camacho Ramirez resign from their posts as was agreed and signed by all three levels of bad government on the date February 28, 2009, because they are the ones who continue to provoke and continue to cause more problems and provocations.

Fifth – The Good Government Junta demands that the three levels of bad government immediately cancel the arrest warrant against our support base compañero Alfonzo Cruz Espinosa, because he has committed no crime.

For all of the above:

The Good Government Junta says very clearly that we are not going to allow more injustice against our compañeros support bases of our Zapatista National Liberation Army, although the three levels of the bad government seek ways and strategies to harm us and weaken our struggle and resistance. WE SAY VERY CLEARLY that we will continue and we will stand firm to defend ourselves against any provocation against our bases.

We will continue, we will watch what may happen and we hold directly responsible the three levels of bad government and Julissa Camacho Ramirez, Juan Yadeum, Maria del Socorro Espinosa Trukillo, Berenice Cruz Espinosa and Dalia Maribel Cruz Espinosa


The authorities of the Good Government Junta


Mauricio Garcia González, Luis Gomez Sanchez, Raul Cruz Sanchez and Antonio Santiz Gomez




The JBG of La Realidad strongly denounces acts of injustice and provocation against Zapatista Support Bases from San Ramon and Che Guevara




La Realidad, Chiapas, Mexico, November 23, 2012


To national and international civil society

To the compañeras and compañeros of the national and international Other Campaign

To the compañeras and compañeros of the Sixth International

To independent human rights organizations

To the alternative media

To the national and international press

To our sisters and brothers from Mexico and the world

The Good Government Junta Towards Hope, from this jungle border area, based in La Realidad, Rebel Zapatista Autonomous Municipality of San Pedro de Michoacan, STRONGLY DENOUNCE TWO ACTS OF INJUSTICE AND PROVOCATION which our   compañeros support bases of the EZLN are suffering. One of them is being endured by our compañeros from San Ramon Fraction of the Autonomous Municipality Tierra y Libertad, which is located in the official municipality of Motozintla, Chiapas, and the other is being suffered by our compañeros from the community of Che Guevara, Autonomous Municipality  Tierra y Libertad, which is located in Belisario Dominguez, official municipality Motozintla of Mendoza, Chiapas.

On May 15, 2011, our compañeros Zapatista support bases Aníbal López Monzón and Carlos López Monzón and a brother of theirs, Jacobo Timo Timo, who is not a Zapatista, were returning from their work on board a van and heading toward their homes in San Ramon Fraction, but on the way these gentlemen were waiting: Elfego Díaz Velásquez, Cesar Lopez de León, Cesar López de León (son), Argelio Díaz López, Javier Díaz López, Julio Díaz López, Alba López de León, Alida López de León, Bulmaro Santiso López and Vidal López Velásquez, who pulled them from the truck and beat them severely with sticks and stones, trying to kill them.

Our partner Hannibal was the one who was beaten most severely, with so many blows that he was unconscious, almost dead. At that time a patrol from the town of Tapachula was passing by, with the Commander Sr. Victoriano Lopez Aguirre and 5 auxiliaries, and when they saw our compañeros were being brutally beaten they did not intervene and withdrew,  so becoming accomplices of the attackers. After our compañeros were beaten, our brothers Elías López Velásquez, Saúl López Zunun, Marcos Lopez Morales, Abigail Lopez González and Juan Lopez Monzón gave assistance to our compañeros.

At 12 midnight a patrol arrived to pick up the aggressors, not to punish them, but to protect them from their crime, and with the complicity of licenciados Juan Antonio Gomes Coello and Antonio Lopez de León, as well as the Public ministry of Motozintla and the bad governments, they invented false crimes against our two compañeros and their brother, as well against the other six people who provided assistance to our compañeros.

Our compañeros have committed no crime, the only crime for the three levels of government is being Zapatistas. These criminals are organized and paid by the bad government to persecute those who are Zapatistas in Mexico, they are starting to walk to the corrupt officials such as the Public minister of Motozintla, Rodolfo Cruz Martines and the Public minister of Tapachula, who together with the actors are starting to invent offences:

They accuse our compañero Aníbal López Monzón of stealing a gold chain, and our compañero Carlos López Monzon of injury and burglary and damage to a house and their brother who is not a compañero, Sr. Jacobo López Monzón, they accuse him of wounding Señora Alida Lopez de León and breaking into a house belonging to señor Gerardo Lopez de León, and those who assisted our compañeros are accused of: Juan López Monzón of stealing $ 10,000 and assaulting Señora Alida Lopez de León, and Abigail López Gonzáles,  Elías López Velásquez, Neri Lopez Salas, Marcos Lopez Morales and Saúl López Zunun are charged with breaking in to and damaging a house.

And on 20 June this year, the mother of our compañeros was unwell, our two compañeros Carlos and Anibal accompanied by their two brothers Juan and Jacobo, who are not compañeros, went to Tapachula in search of medicine for their mother. By this date, the criminal gang had already invented the crimes with their accomplices, the public ministry of  Motozintla, who gave orders for their arrest; that is how our two compañeros Carlos and Anibal were arrested with their two brothers James and John, by ministerial police.

We as the Good Government Junta have tried to sort out and resolve this problem, but the bad government has refused to discuss the case, we requested the intervention of the Fray Bartolomé de las Casas Human Rights Centre, but when Frayba intervened asking the offenders to rectify their statement, the bad governments and bad lawyers justified their criminal clients, saying that they summoned them, but they did not come.

Where is the justice? Our compañeros Anibal and Carlos have committed no crime, they are innocent, their only crime is being Zapatistas.

Currently our two compañeros and their two brothers have spent more than five months in jail. The Human Rights people have been looking at the case but with no result, purely justification by the bad governments and the bad lawyers.


So we feel obliged to DENOUNCE PUBLICLY, not because we are protecting our compas Anibal and Carlos, we just want justice. We say as the Good Government Junta, we are not liars or cheats, we do not defend anyone who does harm to the people, whether or not they are Zapatistas; like these two brothers Juan López Monzón y Jacobo Timo Timo López Monzón, whose only crime is that they helped our compañeros.

This is how the bad governments are, they do not want anyone to help us, the Zapatistas, because anyone who does so is considered a criminal.

Therefore we not only want them to release our two compañeros Anibal and Carlos and two of our brothers Juan and Jacobo; we also want them to pay them for their days and months of [lost] work, because we all work so as to eat bread every day, because their families are suffering since there is no one to sustain their life.


The injustices of the bad governments make us angry, everywhere they are provoking us, everywhere they are charging us with false crimes, because, on the other hand, it happened that, on October 17, 2012 they shot our compañero Manuel Barrios Hernández, from the community of Che Guevara, Motozintla official municipality, he was shot by Olegario Roblero Rodríguez, with a “16” calibre shotgun. About a land problem already resolved by the Good Government Junta.

He who was living on the recuperated land of Che Guevara did not own it, in fact the owner was already dead, he had a son and daughter: Pompilio Guillermo Gálvez Pinto and Ilse Gálvez. Because we are the Zapatistas who we are, we gave each of them 30 hectares and we kept 30 hectares and 4 were not distributed because they cannot be worked, as there are 94 hectares in total.

So down with the bad governments, because it turned out that Guillermo and Ilse made an agreement with the bad governments and the party which is in power (PVEM, Green Party), and decided to evict our compañeros from Che Guevara community.

Ilse and Guillermo took charge of those who were going to make the acts of provocation, and those who are making them are: Carmela Oseguera Ramos, Silvano Bartolomé Pérez, Fidadelfo Salas Verdugo, Heladio Pérez Rodríguez, Bersai Escobar, Misael Escobar, Olegario Roblero Rodríguez, Ángel Roblero Figueroa, Eusetis Oseguera and Denser Oseguera.

What are lacking as Zapatistas?  What affects those two people, also affects us, that shit which is sown by the bad governments, so we place responsibility for what is happening and may happen to our compañeros on: Ilse and Guillermo and the people who are used by them, and the three levels of government:  Oscar Rene Gonzáles Galindo, Juan Sabines Guerrero, Oscar Rene Gonzáles Galindo, Juan Sabines Guerrero, the new crafty Manuel Velasco and Calderón who is already known as Calaverón (the Skull), if they do nothing to put a definitive end to these acts of provocation that  your people are unleashing against our Zapatista compañeros.

People of Mexico and the world, this is how the three levels of bad government and their corrupt officials treat us, because we are Zapatistas.










Caracol V which speaks for all, Roberto Barrios, Chiapas, Mexico 

29 October 2012

To national and International civil society organizations

To members of the Other Campaign

To the Sixth International

To alternative media

To independent human rights organizations

To national and international media

Compañeras and compañeros

Brothers and sisters from Mexico and the world

[From the] Council of Good Government, New Seed Which Will Grow, in the Northern Zone of Chiapas, Mexico. We publish this fourth denunciation of threats, enforced displacement, theft and intimidation by public security forces suffered by our communities, including the Comandante Abel and Unión Hidalgo villages and by men, women and children of Zapatista supporting communities.

1. The lands of our compañeros occupied by paramilitaries from Union Hidalgo on the 6 September have already been shared out among the invaders, who started to measure them on the 25 September, and finished the work on 21 October, in order to hand out a part to each.

– As mentioned in previous denunciations, 11 hectares of maize belonging to the compañeros were taken over in their entirety by the invaders who stole everything they could harvest, leaving nothing; they have now taken everything from the 11 hectares and are re-sowing it with beans.

–  On October 24 at 8 o´clock at night the invaders who were occupying the lands recovered by our compañeros were reinforced with others from Union Hidalgo

2. This conflict continues to affect our Zapatista compañeros who live in Union Hidalgo who remain guarding their houses and belongings to prevent their families being evicted to other communities in the face of the severe threats made to them by the paramilitaries from the area, as reported in our second denunciation on 11 September.

In the early hours 16 October, at 1am, paramilitaries from the Union Hidalgo community let off five shots in one go with heavy calibre weapons, repeating this action every 15 minutes until 3 in the morning. In total they fired on 13 occasions; the last of these being at a distance of 150 metres from the house of Zapatista compañero. At 10 o’clock on the night of the same day they let off two rounds at once, continuing this until midnight. In order to continue the threats and intimidation, 15 police arrived in Union Hidalgo on 17 October.

On October 25 at 5.30 in the afternoon the paramilitaries, armed with heavy calibre weapons, carried out military style manoeuvres in three groups of 6 people in the invaded area. This included sending a commission of 4 people from the occupiers forces towards the police encampments. Later on, at 6 in the evening the police also moved towards the river close to where the invaders had taken up position. At 8 at night, the police let off three shots in the place they had stationed themselves.

The public security police undertake daily patrols during the day from Sabanilla to San Patricio, and in the afternoons and nights move from San Patricio towards the area occupied by the invaders, and to Union Hidalgo. When the invaders move around, the police do the same: it can be clearly seen that the police and the paramilitaries are a single force and are under a single command, which directs them to carry out warlike and criminal actions. The principal objective of the police is to follow the orders of their bosses, Felipe Calderon, Juan Sabines, Artemio Gomez Sanchez (the municipal president of Sabanilla) and Limber Gutierrez Gomez, the municipal president of Tila, to prepare and train the invaders so that they feel free to make threats, to rob, intimidate and harass.

The bad government says, in its proclamation dated 9 October 2012, that the communities of San Patricio and Union Hidalgo were in common agreement in asking for the state government to establish a police presence, with the aim of bringing order and peaceful coexistence to the inhabitants of the area. They also indicated that they would respect the rights of the EZLN supporters.

What need does this paramilitary group have of the police when they themselves have invaded the lands of the Zapatista compañeros?

What need does this paramilitary group have when they themselves have driven out women and children with the continual shots that they let off?

What need of a police presence does this paramilitary group have in a place where they are driving out, invading, robbing and sacking the belongings of our compañeros right in front of their eyes?

What need of a police presence is there in a place where the paramilitaries, in the very company of the police, carry out acts of intimidation, threats and warlike provocations?

What type of danger does this paramilitary group face that the bad government needs to provide a police presence and listen to the [paramilitaries’] requests?

What type of aggressions, robbery, threats and intimidation are the Zapatista supporters carrying out that the paramilitaries respond by “providing them with security”?

What need of the police does a paramilitary group have, when it is armed and ready to carry out evictions, threats or intimidatory acts against a group of men, women and children who live by working and cultivating their lands in order to sustain their families and children, which they do without responding to the aggression of these violent and criminal actions, including robbery, enforced displacement and evictions?

The bad government should hold its head in shame to claim that its police are there to safeguard order and social peace, when right in front of them robbery, threats, movement of paramilitaries and the firing of heavy calibre weapons is carried out. This is the kind of thing that mentally ill, drunk or drugged-up people might say. What they should state clearly is that the police have been sent to protect the paramilitaries, so the latter can evict, pillage and steal the harvest of our Zapatista compañeros.

History makes no mistake: the bad government has always sent its police and paramilitaries to rob, kill, disappear, evict and despoil poor and innocent people who struggle to live. We have kept this history in the heart of our peoples, that they did just this in 1995, 1996 and 1997, in the municipalities of Sabanilla, in the lowland zone of Tila, carrying out robberies, assassinations, disappearances, evictions, and the burning out of innocent families from their homes.  And until now none of those responsible has been punished, on the contrary the bad government has protected them, that is to say no justice has been done, in just the same way as what happened at Acteal and El Bosque municipality in Chiapas, at Atenco, in Oaxaca, and further back, in the 1968 [massacre] of students, and with many other killings in our country.

The bad government of Felipe Calderon and Juan Sabines have done nothing to resolve the conflict or the crimes committed by paramilitary groups. On the contrary, they send police reinforcements for the invaders instead of removing that group from the lands recovered by our compañeros, promoting violence in order to impose their project.

We have said before, and continue to maintain, that we are not going to allow the lands recovered in 1994 to be taken from us. The claim that they will be legalised in our favour is rubbish, and it’s not what we are demanding. This land has already been allocated to those who work it and live on it. On 29 April we, the Council of Good Government went in good faith to the community, bringing together the two sides, that is the Zapatista supporters and the officialistas, without taking account of political affiliation, without cheating and without using funds to buy the authorities or representatives behind the backs of the community in order to screw the people. We went and met with the authorities as well as members of the community, taking into account those who have lived and worked on the land for many years to support their families and children.

We proposed that the villages of San Patricio and Los Angeles remain with the oficialistas, so that they can live and work it to support their families and children, because we know that they have a total right to it because of the time they have lived and worked it. To our own Zapatistas, we proposed they remain in the La Lampara area. This was accepted by both the officialista and autonomous sides, and even though we had to bear the costs of relocation, we did it with good will and in the good faith we have as Zapatistas, to avoid confrontations that arise through ideological differences, and so that each group can live in harmony, enjoying its agrarian rights and leading their lives and organizing themselves in the way that each group sees fit. A agreement was made to separate the two sides of the community, signed and sealed by both parties, autonomous and oficialistas.

In constructing our autonomy and in the exercise of our own self-government, we decline to recognise the term land regularization, which the bad government uses as an instrument to manipulate the people who can be fooled with the ruse that with legal papers they will live in peace and be the masters of their own lands and will live better Later on, this is used to justify legal despoilment, because the lands have become a good that can be bought and sold through legal paperwork.

We ask ourselves: what remains of the rights of the Indian peoples, the first inhabitants of Mexican lands, the right to self-government and to free self-determination, as set out in international agreements and the San Andres Accords?

For this reason we say that the bad governments should recall their criminal gangs, or if not we will eject them ourselves. If anyone gets killed the government will be guilty and responsible for the spilled blood: it will add another charge to the more than 70,000 dead, killed on the orders of the government at national level.

We sustain our case with our [previous] three denunciations: if you have not read them you can do so now.

You should know that this is not the first time that they have sent paramilitary assassins to invade, with the support of the government. The first time was the 10 September 2011 when they took all our compañeros’ belongings. The most recent time was the 6 September 2012 when they stole the whole harvest. It isn’t just that our Zapatista compañeros continue working just to feed the mouths and backsides of the paramilitaries along with their wives, and along with those who have robbed the economy of the Mexican people and who go on enjoying life with their wives and children on the backs of poor people who work with sweat on their brows to survive even while you [the government] get fat like farm pigs who have no mothers.

We ask you [the government]: what do you want to achieve through these acts? Say what you want, speak clearly as we have, better to say that you want to kill, despoil, assassinate, rob. Such a shame that in Mexico there is a bad government that instead of having intelligence in its head has shit for brains.

Compañeros and Compañeras, Brothers and Sisters, we ask you to be aware of this very difficult situation that our people in resistance are living.


To rule by obeying

This document has the seal of the Council of Good Government, New Seed Which Will Grow, and is signed by its representatives in turn:

Paulina López Trujillo, José Martínez Flores, Angélica López Mondejos and

Juventino Jiménez Pérez


The JBG Central Heart of the Zapatistas before the World denounces provocations against the BAZ of the community of Jechvó



15th October  2012









The Good Government Junta, Central Heart of the Zapatistas Before the World, based at Oventic, Caracol II, Resistance and Rebellion for Humanity, in the area of the Highlands Chiapas, Mexico.

Once more we feel compelled to give our word, to denounce and condemn before public opinion of the Nation and the World, the injustices committed against our compañeros /as EZLN support bases in the community of Jechvó, official municipality of  Zinancantán, Chiapas.  The events happened as follows:

1. – On September 30, 2012 in the afternoon, a PRI agent turned up to the house of Mariano Gomez Perez, one of our support bases, to inform and ask what did he have to say regarding  the lock of the water tank that had been cut, “ I do not know if belongs to you” answered our support base compañero, because he knew that the agent had nothing to do with that tank. Upon hearing this information, he immediately reported to the Agent and to the autonomous judge of the community what happened.

The autonomous Judge sent a letter to the PRI supporter and to some ex-zapatistas inviting them on October 7 to discuss the matter regarding the water.

2. – The letter reached the PRI supporter’s hand at 5:00 am on October 05. Instead of replying to the invitation, the agent and his community made a plan to arrest one of our compañeros as a way of causing a provocation with a Zapatista support base.

That same day at about 13:00 pm, support base MARIANO GÓMEZ PÉREZ was stopped 50 metres before reaching home, on his way back from collecting firewood. MARIANO LÓPEZ  VASQUEZ, member of the education committee, and MARIANO GUADALUPE GÓMEZ GÓMEZ, chief  of the community, forced our support base to halt and drop his firewood.  In the beginning he refused, but they insisted again and he obeyed. He was then taken to the Agency because they had information about him, and so took they took the compañero there.

On arrival at the Agency the second and third agents were there, DOMINGO GÓMEZ DE LA TORRE and MANUEL LÓPEZ LÓPEZ. They said nothing. The companion was taken straight to prison at about 13:30 pm.

He remained imprisoned until 18:30 pm. After he was taken from prison and was brought before the authorities and the whole assembly of over 100 people, they said he was imprisoned mainly for the invitation sent by the autonomous judge about the problem of the water lock and other crimes fabricated against him.

They discussed what to do with him, then finally decided to bring him before the municipal judge of Zinacantán, they did so at 22:30 pm.

On arriving at the official municipal judge, the PRI officials told the compañero MARIANO GÓMEZ PÉREZ that they would not attend the invitation made by the independent judge to address the issue of water. The judge from the municipal official had knowledge of the matter, and asked the PRI if they could not buy a lock between all of them and close off their water tank? And the judge said the agent need not go to a meeting with the Zapatistas, they had better buy their lock. This favoured the PRI to not attend the meeting they were invited to by the independent judge, and they returned to Jechvó ‘at about 3:00 am. That was October 6th.

But the real issue now, which they want to use as an excuse to provoke trouble against our support base, is as follows:

Since 2003 our support bases from Jechvó community and other communities began to be deprived of their water supply, by people affiliated to the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), in order to make our compañeros give up the struggle.

And when the Good Government Junta in the Highlands began looking for ways to provide water to our support base, buying a water source and building a storage tank, now the people from the political parties, backed by the municipal, state and federal authorities, want to appropriate the wells and the storage tank that supplies water to these communities: Jechvó, ‘Elambó Bajo, Elambó Alto, San Isidro Chaktoj and Jechch.entik, who are those that have built [the water supply] with their work and sacrifices.

Now the same people, who have always been bothering our compañeros, continue attacking and seizing the belongings of our brothers and sisters, only now they belong to the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), but still have the same attitude of arrogance and trying to provoke confrontations among brothers and sisters of the same people.

These are the same people who, in April 10, 2004, attacked our compañeros and compañeras support bases, when they went to give a little water to our compañeros from the community of Jechvó, because they had been prevented by the party supporters from using their water source. In this attack several compañeros were injured, by rockets, stones, sticks and guns, for the sole crime of giving water to our compañeros. The different authorities did nothing about it. Those people who are looking for a problem with the water are not short of water themselves, because they have enough to use. There is no reason what they are doing.

Faced with so much injustice, violations of human rights and such unbearable, unacceptable and inhuman attitudes from the community authorities, municipal authorities and the bad state and federal governments, we, the Good Government Junta and our people, will not remain silent with our hands crossed, we will defend what is ours, what belongs to us, our resources and our territories.

We want to make clear to the 3 levels of bad government, the officials and their people who they have paid, controlled and manipulated, that they should not think that, with provocations, threats, assaults and persecutions, they will stop the struggle of the Zapatista peoples, the struggle of all the original peoples from all over Mexico for the construction of our autonomy, self-determination as indigenous people and national liberation, whatever it costs us, no matter what happens, we will continue onwards, because dignity, reason and justice are on our side.

What is clear, is a nightmare for the supposed Chiapas Governor JUAN SABINES GUERRERO and supposed President FELIPE CALDERÓN HINOJOSA, whose hands are stained with the blood of many innocent compañeros, carrying in their thoughts all the horrors they have committed. Sabines Guerrero and Calderón are surnames that stain the history of our country, like many other names before them.

Although through great propaganda they try to hide their unjust actions through publishing in the media that the government is in favour of justice, democracy, development and respect and that all these are actions, not words; actually what our people are living in are attacks, threats, evictions, unjust imprisonment, violation of human rights and persecution of our people, and yes, these are ACTIONS, not words. As much as they try to hide the decaying flesh, it will not fail to smell. For no matter how beautiful the wrapping, it will not prevent decomposition.

We will not remain silent before any threat and aggression against our brothers and sisters, we will not allow the bad governments, through people belonging to different political parties, to continue to threaten us and subject us to their whims. We demand that the rights of our compañeros and compañeras are respected.

If there are times when we have to remain silent, it is not because we are afraid of those who provoke us, the aggressors and violators of human rights, but because we feel sorry, we are sad that indigenous people are being bought for crumbs, that they let themselves be manipulated and controlled by the bad governments and political parties, because it really is a shame.

However, despite these attacks by traitors and cowards and those who sell our homeland, they cannot stop us, we will continue onwards with our struggle for democracy, liberty and justice for all.

For now this is all we have to say, we will continue to denounce anything that might happen against our support bases in any autonomous community, region or municipality, as is our duty and obligation.




Armando López Díaz
David Gómez Gómez
Mauricio Gómez Juárez
Esmeralda Gómez Díaz
Susana Gómez López
Catalina Ruiz Gutiérrez
With signatures and stamp of the Good Government Junta


The Council of Good Government “Towards Hope” publicly denounces aggressions and provocations by the organization CIOAC Histórica, and demands the freeing of 6 Zapatista civilian supporters who have been unjustly imprisoned.

La Realidad, Chiapas, Mexico, Thursday 11 October 2012


To civil society at national and international level

To supporters of the Other Campaign at national and international level

To supporters of the Sixth International

To independent human rights organizations

To alternative media

To the national and international press

To brothers and sisters in Mexico and the world

The Council of Good Government “Towards Hope” in this frontier forest region, based in La Realidad-Trinidad, in the Rebel Zapatista Autonomous Municipality of San Pedro de Michoacán, denounces publicly: repeated provocations against civilian supporters of the EZLN, by authorities and inhabitants of the Guadalupe Los Altos ejido (official municipality of Las Margaritas, Chiapas, Mexico), who form part of the organization CIOAC Historica, and are members of the PRD and PAN political parties.

This ejido [Guadalupe Los Altos] inhabitants includes civilian supporters of the EZLN. Because they are Zapatistas those inhabitants and authorities who are not Zapatistas have been intimidating and provoking them, to the extent of imprisoning some on two occasions. The first occasion was on the 30 April 2000, in retaliation for the refusal of the Zapatista supporters in the ejido to take part in the fencing in of a part of the ejido lands which provide a source of river gravel, which is at the source of the conflict. The second occasion was on 7 April 2010, owing to the refusal of the Zapatistas to take part in defending a ranch that in any case was not part of the ejido and which had its own history of conflict.

Our Zapatista compañeros again suffered harassment and provocation on 20 December 2011, when it became known that by an act of the Guadalupe Los Altos ejido that the lands of two ejido members who had left to work outside the community had been confiscated, owing to their being away from the ejido for more than the allowed period.

The community decided that one of these plots should provide a space for the re-location of an official school (of the bad government), a judgement which our compañeros did not support, and would have nothing to do with, owing to the fact that civilian supporters of the EZLN will not have anything to do with the bad government. In addition, our compañeros have their own autonomous school.

A part of the ejido community decided that it would be unjust for our compañeros to participate in the school project, owing to the fact that the school would not be for their benefit, and as a result did not insist that our compañeros be involved. Nonetheless, on 21 December 2011, when the ejido inhabitants gathered to take over the plot of land for the relocation of the school, they were confronted by the brother of the plot’s owner and his wife, who were there to prevent the land being seized. As a result, the brother was seized and tied to a tree that same day.

Once this had happened, [the other ejido members] demanded that our compañeros get involved, arguing that it was an issue for the whole ejido, even if the 6 compañeros had said from the start that they were not, and would not get involved. They therefore demanded that our 6 compañeros provide 8 days of road-building work, on the assumption that the community had lost those days of work while guarding the prisoners.

While our compañeros were not then (and are not now) in agreement with this, on the basis that as Zapatistas they cannot get involved in work which is not related to the ejido, they have at no moment rejected work which is in fact for this purpose, such as clearing roads, delimiting the boundaries of the ejido or clearing areas for houses. In fact they have always accepted the need to participate in collective work which is for the benefit of the community as long as it has nothing to do with orders or projects originating from the bad government.

However, on the 11th September of this year in an assembly of the ejido the authorities explained that owing to the problem of the land plots, several members of the ejido had been denounced in the Las Margaritas municipality, and that in order to investigate this denunciation the authorities asked that everyone pay 50 pesos, with the money to be collected on 30th September of this year. However, when the day arrived, the authorities changed their story, saying that the 50 pesos would be used to buy hooks and wire to build a rope bridge, and that the rest would be used to investigate the denunciation.

Our compañeros, realising that the money was destined for a purpose that they had nothing to do with, decided not to contribute, and on that basis were detained that same day 30th September, when five EZLN supporters were imprisoned at around 8.30am. On the 4th October a sixth compañero was imprisoned, and since then until today that group from the Guadalupe Los Altos ejido along with officials from the CIOAC Historica organization have kept our 6 compañeros prisoner, namely:

1. Cesar Aguilar Jiménez.
2. Armando Aguilar Santis.
3. Genaro Aguilar Santis.
4. Misael Aguilar Vásquez.
5. Delmar Aguilar Santis.
6. Hipólito Aguilar Vásquez.

Until now our 6 compañeros remain deprived of their freedom, an act of injustice which we PUBLICLY DENOUNCE, as our compañeros have committed no crime and done no harm to anyone. Instead, it is only for being Zapatistas, for being in resistance to the bad government which provokes us, with the three levels of government wrong-footing us and taking measures against those who oppose the capitalist system.

Unfortunately the other groups in the community do not understand that the bad government is only using them and taking advantage of their innocence to create problems among the campesinos and among indigenous communities, controlling them and obtaining their conformance with insignificant projects and crumbs in return for the injustices and provocations that the members of the Guadalupe Los Altos community have committed.

It is unfortunate that our Brothers and Sisters do not realise the things those actions can unleash or their consequences, if they don’t stop provoking us, if they don’t free our six compañeros. Besides, they, you, ourselves, in fact any person has a family that needs them.

We, as Zapatistas, don’t want to have problems with those persons, nor with anyone who is not our enemy, because we as Zapatistas are clear and are convinced that whoever has right on their side will come out winning. It’s not for fear that we haven’t gone to free our compañeros, it’s because we know that that isn’t the way to do things, to go and fight and to beat them. [If we don’t do that], it’s because in no way do we want to violate their human rights, because the things that they themselves are doing isn’t our our way of doing things.

Brothers and sisters of Mexico and the world, in our rebel words we say publicly that wehave sought every way to resolve this problem so that the issue is dealt with peacefully. On the 2nd October the Council of Good Government sent a delegate to the community and to its group of leaders, demanding the freeing of our compañeros. They were paid no attention, and instead a message was sent to us asking for the attendance of our Council so that everything could be sorted out peacefully. On the 4th October the Council of Good Government came to the community to speak with them as well as with its leaders. In that conversation it was asked what crime our compañeros might have committed that they remain imprisoned. The reply of the leaders was to show us an act [of the community] that they had drawn up which said that their imprisonment was for:

  1. An accumulation of community charges of 430 pesos for each of our compañeros. They wouldn’t say what those charges were for.
  2. 10 days of delayed work, 8 of which days were those that had been lost when they were looking after the prisoners seized in the occupation of the land plot.
  3. 8 days of delayed work for the road works (which was a government project) and 180 pesos of charges related to these works. [This is included in the act] despite knowing that our compañeros do not get involved in any government project.
  4. If they do not agree with what is set out in the act, our compañeros will be expelled from the community. This threat that will lead to new problems, as the act specifies things that our compañeros cannot comply with, such as the proposals and projects of the bad government.

We said that these points should be analysed and discussed, owing to the fact that as Zapatistas we don’t get involved in anything coming from the bad government. However, their reply was that if we want our compañeros to be freed we should tell them to sign the document, imposing these conditions on our compañeros, as the act could not be modified. At the same time they argued that by the agreement of their community, if we want our compañeros to be freed, we should think about where they could live, because if we didn’t they would stay in the gaol (which is what has in fact happened, as if they were criminals).

We are worried about the health of our compañeros, owing to the bad conditions in the gaol which are the same as those in a toilet. Four of our compañeros are very ill, and besides have spent 11 days in prison without being able to wash. Our compañeros have not received any medical attention, which constitutes a violation of their human rights.

In light of all that might happen to our compañeros, and all the things that those acts of injustice might lead to, [we say] that under no circumstances will we give up, or allow those things to happen, and in spite of anything that might happen, we hold the authorities of Guadalupe Los altos and the leaders of CIOAC Historica (the organisation which the ejido belongs to) responsible on the basis that they are the main organisers promoting these unjust and provocative acts in the community. We understand clearly that not all of the community agrees with what they are doing, and know that within the community there are brothers and sisters who on thinking these things through know that they are unjust. Nonetheless because of threats and pressure by the authors of these criminal acts they too have become complicit and are acting like pimps.

1. Ranulfo Hernández Aguilar, Commissioner
2. Ruperto Vásquez Santis, Commission secretary,
3. Gerardo Aguilar Jiménez, Treasurer
4. Ciro Vásquez Rodríguez, Municipal Agent
5. Margarito Aguilar López, Agent’s Deputy
6. Lucio Vásquez Aguilar, Security Council

In addition, Carmelino Rodríguez Aguilar and Alejandro Vásquez López, who are working with the authorities to perpetrate these acts of injustice, without thinking through or measuring up the consequences that they might lead to.

1. Luís Hernández Cruz.
2. José Antonio Vásquez Hernández.

In the same way we also hold the three levels of government immediately responsible, as well as being the intellectual authors of the events: the municipal president of Las Margaritas, the governor of the state Juan Sabines Guerrero, and the president of the republic Felipe Calderón Hinojosa. These people do nothing about this problem, because they support acts of injustice and promote violence. When they make their public announcements they stand up straight saying that they are fighting against violence and injustice, but they are hypocrites because it’s just talk, and what Juan Sabines says is a big lie, “words, not deeds” [this inverts the slogan of Sabines’ government], and one could say of the work that they do that in fact it involves: robbing the country, robbing the people, working to create problems among communities.

Sisters and brothers, we make public these actions so that what the corrupt bad governments are doing becomes known, that they do nothing good, and that they do not control their people and instead allow them to go unpunished. We don’t want trouble, but if those people don’t respect us, we will take serious steps, because we’re not going to give up, and are going to do whatever it takes to obtain the liberty of our compañeros, come what may.

We demand the demand the immediate freeing of our six compañeros, so that we are not obliged to take more serious measures. Those people should know that our compañeros are not alone and that we’re not going to leave them on their own, and that we are going to defend them come what may.

Enough of these provocations, of this injustice that they are committing.

We will be closely following what happens to our compañeros and to all that might happen from now on.


Council of Good Government “Towards Hope”

Frontier Forest Zone

This document has been certified by the Council of Good Government “Towards Hope”, La Realidad, and signed by the following representatives of the Council in turn:

Abel, Anahi and Marin


THIRD DENUNCIA: The Good Government Junta (JBG) “New seed that is going to produce” denounces for the 3rd time attacks and displacements experienced by Zapatista Support Bases (BAZ)  in Comandante Abel and Uniόn Hidalgo.

We do not need documents signed by the bad government, because they are not the owners of the land. The true owners were our grandparents and great grandparents, so our compas work on the land and farm for the collective well-being; we will defend it at all costs.





29th SEPTEMBER 2012

To National and International Civil Society

To adherents to the Other Campaign

To the sixth international

To the alternative media

To Independent Human Rights bodies.

To the national and international press


Brothers and Sisters

The Good Government Junta makes public their third complaint (denuncia) about the continuous attacks, evictions, threats, robbery, intimidation and displacement our support bases are undergoing, men, women and children, from the new community of Comandante Abel and from Uniόn Hidalgo- located in the  Autonomous Zapatista Rebel Municipality “Dignity”- at the hands of paramilitary communities from Uniόn Hidalgo and San Patricio. On 6th September they invaded and took possession of the lans of our compañeros with the intention to displace them.

1. On 12 September at 10am paramilitaries went into the collective cornfields of our compañeros and stole and cut firewood in large quantities, in the meantime, other paramilitaries were on guard carrying weapons.  Once they finished cutting wood, they took it all to Uniόn Hidalgo.

On the same day at 2 pm seven judicial officers’ cars and three municipal police cars arrived at San Patricio. And at 6:00 pm a public protection car arrived to assess the area where their camp may be set up, this is to fulfil the bad government’s will to have a police presence in the area.

On  13th September  in the municipal seat of Sabanilla, the  general secretary Noe Castanon and the sub-secretary of the government, Maximiliano Narvaez Franco, met with the invaders from Uniόn Hidalgo and with the PRI supporters from San Patricio to confirm that the land belongs to them, justifying their position based on law,  and committed themselves  to provide public protecion and regular police patrolling to the invaders, an official security presence would guard the invaders and support them to get materials to build their houses, such as steel sheets, and even offered the paramilitaries food provisions.

Police patrolling started the same day on 13th September in the afternoon, as a way to demonstrate to the invaders and criminals that the government would keep to their promises.

On 16th September  public protection officers and José Antonio López Pérez municipal security officer of Sabanilla arrived to introduce the police members to the invaders and to the PRI supporters from St. Patricio;  they were carrying steel sheets for the construction of the police camp, remaining in possession of the recovered land, the invaders of Uniόn Hidalgo and PRI supporters from the  community mentioned above immediately built a  camp for the police, so as to feel better protected by the bad government.

On 18th September at 12 noon public protection staff, who were in possession of San Patricio, fired two shots with the intention of intimidating, like the paramilitaries.

On 14th September, they stole corn from our compañeros and ran away carrying it with 6 horses to their community of Uniόn Hidalgo, 8 armed men guarded them.

On 27th and 28th September the paramilitaries increased the theft of corn, and burned the fields again to replant them.  The affected area of ​​cornfields consists of ​​11 hectares, constantly plundered since the invasion; the amount of loss is around 22 tonnes of grains with a total price of 132,000 pesos, a kilogram being valued at 6 pesos.

2 – On 26th September, the head of the paramilitaries and PRI supporters from Uniόn Hidalgo held another meeting in the main area of Sabanilla, where issues around land ownership in favour of the paramilitaries were discussed. They were told that they have the rights, however, they are being used only with the intention to evict our compañeros Zapatistas support bases. The bad government’s strategy is to control the authorities of San Patricio, who are headed by Manuel Guzmán Cruz. They gave money to the paramilitaries to buy and manipulate the representatives of their community, so an agreement was made to legalise the land in favour of Uniόn Hidalgo. Maximiliano Narvaez Franco, sub-secretary of the local government, Héctor Andrés Gil Ajuria general secretary, Arturo Vasquez Jimenez political worker under the government of Tila, Genaro Pérez Vásquez Sabanilla’s mayor, Octavio Lopez Martinez Public Prosecutor of Yajalon Chiapas and Jose Antonio Lopez Perez protection adviser of Sabanilla, attended the meeting.

We also denounce that our evicted compañeros support bases from Uniόn Hidalgo community are strongly threatened by paramilitaries organizing to take away their land, there are 5 families affected by this situation.

 3 – The impact that our colleagues are suffering since 6th  September  until now, as a consequence of their corn crops and other crops grown to sustain their families being taken over by the criminals, including areas near to the river. All these thefts have been constant, despite the police presence; it is clear that the bad government has arranged all these criminal acts, they do not see this as a crime because they are also the greatest thieves in our country, it is clear that the police presence makes the criminals feel free to commit all kinds of theft and crimes because they feel guarded and protected.

All these acts are arranged and organized by the bad government, making use of every trick against our companeros in resistance, aimed at destroying our dignified struggle. It is a cowardly attitude to use people from the same ethnicity and to claim that these are internal community problems.

The proposed legalization of the land is a way to privatize it and  make business out of it, it is becoming a war plan they use to revoke our support base who really care for the land and work collectively.

The government’s plans attempt to gain money and government seats without caring about the suffering of men, women, children and the elderly

This land belongs to our compañeros because we recuperated it in the year 1994 with the blood of our fallen compañeros, since then they have been working and cultivating it to support their families and children; as Zapatistas,  we also have our own way of ownership of land  for the construction of our autonomy. We do not need documents signed by the bad governments because they are not the owners of the land, the true owners were our grandparents and great grandparents, that is why our compañeros work and produce for the collective good and will defend it at all costs.

4 – We tell Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, Juan Sabines Guerrero and all the municipal presidents involved not to be fools, not to use poor people to attack the same poor people who are fighting for a decent life, using the consequences of that same poverty that they, the governments themselves have created. People in resistance do not know how to go back or give up in our fight, so we say enough is enough, you will not be able to destroy this people determined to give everything to the last drop, no mediocre idiots using their government functions will destroy us. We have had enough of all these attacks, evictions and threats that you have done and created against our Zapatistas people, we have many reasons to defend the lives and safety of our compañeros.

You are the real culprits and masterminds of all these criminal acts which are being suffered by our bases of support, you are responsible for all the consequences that may happen, it is you who will be held to account and who will be prosecuted the fullness of time by the true history of the Mexican  people.


Governing by obeying

Franco Ramírez Pérez
Efraín Gómez Pérez
Paulina López Trujillo
Estrella Sánchez Sánchez


New seed that will is going to produce
11TH September 2012.

To the national and international civil society
To adherents of the Other Campaign
To the sixth international
To alternative media
To separate bodies of human rights
To the national and international press
Comrades brothers and sisters, the Good Government junta continues to report our compañeros’ current plight, support bases of the new community Abel previously San Patricio, rebel Zapatista Autonomous Municipality of La Dignidad, Chiapas, Sabanilla official municipality .

1. On 8th September this year shootings with high calibre weapons occurred with the fire going in the direction of the community. Children , women and elderly people hid out behind trees, logs, rocks and dispersed into the bush, for fear of being shot by the aggressors, losing track of which direction they had taken. They spent the night in the woods, in the rain and in cold weather. For two days their whereabouts were unknown to the rest of their communities. Until now, there remain four people missing and we are looking for their whereabouts; two sisters and two children, the sisters are now displaced and are living under difficult situation, and the children are sick with fever, vomiting, diarrhoea and cold. They are suffering shortages of food, clothing and medicines. In total there are 70 companer@s: mostly children and eldery people. Back in the community our there are a few female and male companeros that stay to defend the land from invaders. The [aggressors] have built 2 trenches and two houses.

2. On the same day, support bases from Union Hidalgo community also moved out for fear of the strong and constant threats of being massacred by paramilitaries from the same community. Companer@s and children also fled to the mountains for three days, and the same, rain, cold and hunger, they came out in another community, and now are also suffering from different diseases. There are ten displaced people and a new born baby, only the youth remained in the community looking after their homes and belongings.

3. On the 9th aggressors extended the invaded territory and measured, extended day 9 where the attackers have taken and measured plots to build more houses. At 4:00 in the afternoon 2 gun shots. Then at 9:30 at night gave another 25 shots of different calibres. At midnight four more shots.

4. On 10th September three armed men came to reinforce the invaders. They are members of Saquija Sabanilla community, one of them was identified as Hipólito Pérez Hernández.
On 11th September they built five houses using tin for the roof and two with canvas. The most influencial paramilitary leaders of the armed group “peace and justice”, are also known as UCIAF, formed by the government. These are CARLOS HAIR CLEBER Conzalez ex PRI candidate who financed the purchase of weapons for invaders. PEDRO RAMIREZ RAMIREZ GUZMÁN and HIPOLITO RAMIREZ MARTINEZ head leader of the Union Hidalgo community, Jesus Ramirez Martinez, Miguel Encino Gomez and Javier Guzman Encino also leaders living in Sabanilla, these are the same leaders who organizedpeople from Ostelukum to invade the same land last year.

5. We make the three levels of government, Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, Juan Sabines Guerrero, the municipal president of Tila SANDRA CRUZ ESPINOZA LUS and the mayor of Sabanilla GENARO PEREZ Vasques, responsible for everything that is happening and will happen to us because they are the masterminds, organize, fund, prepare, arm and train these criminals and paramilitary groups, through their armed forces.

The bad government attempts to divide and weaken the resistance of our people and wants us to be under its control, by planning and creating groups that in exchange receive their crumbs.

We are poor but worthy, we are not beggars, we are free men and women developing our lives for the future of our people by means of our mother earth.

The government realises that our support bases do not believe in their lies, that by giving us petty money our living conditions would improve. We know already they want to control and continue with their plan to take ownership of the wealth of our country.

Therefore, the government sends their armed groups to kill, dislodge and destroy our lands, whilst talking about peace, about defending human rights, about justice in Mexico; asking financial support from UN to supposedly to combat against poverty, and for social development of the people, but money is only being used to arm and fund groups to kill.

What kind of peace is the government referring to?

Is it peaceful to finance, organize, prepare armed groups that kill their own brothers andsisters, their own people?

Is it peaceful to shoot a village full of men, women, children and elderly people, who are forced to flee, hide behind trees, rocks, logs to save their lives and to suffer from, rain, cold weather, sun and hunger in the mountains?

What is the grave crime they have committed these compa(s), and child(ren)?

Is it a crime to own a piece of land to live and support a family?

It is unbelievable that whilst they are saying to the world how they are fighting against crime , at the same time, they are really protecting groups, leaders, acting against people in resistance. The bad government well knows who these people are, their whereabouts, what government position they hold. But the bad government does nothing to stop this, because they are top leaders themselves of these armed groups and criminals.

All those crimes committed daily are not considered crimes, on the contrary, they are protected and left free by the bad government.

Where is all that the media advertises about all those who attack anyone and are reported to the authorities would be prosecuted?

We are not against those who are not on our side, quite the opposite, the ruling group living in San Patricio community was granted a piece of land that belonged to us, because they also have the right to live. Therefore, our support bases moved to the Lampara territory where they built their new community in honour of our dead companero Abel, for each group to organize, work and enjoy their dwelling rights.

Let’s make clear to the bloody cheating, lying and vile government, that we will not relinquish, we will fight for our land until the end of our lives if necessary, if they believe that there was not enough blood shed on 1st January 1994 for us to have a place in this world.

To govern by obeying

Damián López Pérez
Estrella Sanchez Sanchez
Edgar Vazquez Gutierrez

The JBG New seed that is Going to Produce about armed paramilitary attacks in the autonomous community Commander Abel.
Caracol V that speaks for all Roberto Barrios, Chiapas Mexico, Junta of good government, New seed that will produce
7th September, 2012.

To national and international civil society.
To adherents of the Other Campaign.
To the zezta international.
To alternative media.
To independent human rights organisations.
To the national and international press.
Companeros, brothers and sisters, the Good Government Junta denounces the situation we are living in the new community Abel, previously known as San Patricio, Autonomous Municipality of La Dignidad, Rebel Zapatista Chiapas, Sabanilla official Municipality.

1. – On 6th September 2012 at 7 o’clock in the morning, a group of 55 armed people arrived in the community with weapons of different calibres and set up a camp 200 meters from the new community mentioned above located within our companeros’ land.

-The paramilitaries are from Union Hidalgo community and are PRI supporters from San Patricio, Sabanilla municipality. The group arrived with the intention to invade and eject our companeros from their lands and get their possessions.

As soon as they arrived, they built roofs and put up a red flag. At 11 am on the same day, they began to steal green corn belonging to our companeros.

-at midday they shot using a 22 gauge gun.

-At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, three officials from the bad government accompanied by PRI family members and children from San Patricio arrived to the place where the invaders are and then left. Later on around 70 paramilitaries arrived to join the invaders.

-At 8 pm on the same day, the paramilitaries moved around in different directions and shot 26 times.

-At 12 pm, we heard two shots again with a 22 gauge, and more paramilitary reinforcement arrived.

2.-At dawn on 7th September there were around 150 paramilitary invaders, who began to cut down sunflower plants, destroy goal posts, fences for pasturing and the belongings of our collective support bases.

-At 10:10 in the morning, one of our companeros went outside his home to check what was going on and was shot with a 30 caliber gun, another bullet hit the wall of his room. The Three responsible members for the shots were wearing Military uniforms and balaclavas; two of them triggered 9 mm pistols and another one used a AR-15 gun, the latter one fired a volley of shots.

-At 10:30 am the group surrounded the community by standing 150 meters away from it. All the aggressors were carrying weapons of different calibres. It is believed that they carry 19 weapons.

3. – Leaders of the armed paramilitary group “Peace and Justice” are the heads of the plan to eject, threaten, assault, and rob our companeros, their names are: Pedro Ramirez Guzman secret official agent from of Unión Hidalgo municipality of Sabanilla; Jesus Ramirez Guzman communal officer; Ramiro Gomez Encino security councillor of this community Ignacio Gómez Guzmán; Luis Gomez Encino, Oscar Gomez Ramirez, Miguel Gómez Encino, Hipolito Martinez Ramirez, Carlos Clever Gonzales Cabello former PRI leader candidate for Peace and Justice Rolando Gomez Guzman ex-militar; Manuel Cruz Guzmán San Patricio officer, Geronimo Martinez Ramirez secret officer of the same community of San Patricio; Conrado Gomez Guzman municipal ejido agent of Union Hidalgo; Javier Guzman Encino ex-official of the county government in Sabanilla. These are the leaders following what their bad government is telling them to do against our people.

4. – All this is the same story of counterinsurgency war from the evil rich government, against our organisation and our people in resistance. The government is urging bloodshed and death, whilst our people in resistance are developing their lives through the natural resources that our mother earth provides where we live. We won’t allow the bad government to dispossess us of our land with the force of their paramilitary groups, that we regained in 1994 through sacrificing lives and blood of our companeros,. The land belongs to us, belonged to our grandparents and great grandparents, when the bloody Spanish arrived took it and death and bloodshed was spread from millions of natives from this land, so we say that the land is ours and we will defend it whatever the cost may be; the bad government is unreasonable, they have not human heart; we already know their heart is inhuman, but the saddest thing is that the bad government doesn’t face directly the people, they use the same poor people even from the same race, to meet its target of plunder, killing and seize the natural wealth.

For all these aforementioned acts of crimes, we make responsible the federal government Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, the government of the State of Chiapas, Juan Sabines Guerrero, the chielf of Sabanilla, Genaro Vazquez Perez, and the municipal president Sandra Cruz Espinisa for what might happen to our companer@s children and elderly people, whose lives are at serious risk right now. We ask kindly sisters and brothers to keep an eye on the current situation our companeros and support bases are undergoing.

To govern by obeying
Good Government Junta


Enrique Cruz Hernández
Alex Gomez Perez
Efrain Perez Gomez
Estrella Sanchez Sanchez


Good Government Junta Central Heart of the Zapatistas Before the World

July 1, 2011

To public opinion
To the national and international press
To national and international civil society
To Human Rights Organizations
To the alternative media
To adherents to the Other Campaign
To adherents to the Zezta International

Brothers and sisters,


We, the men and women of the Good Government Council (Junta) of the Highlands of Chiapas, denounce the events now occurring in this community. This is not the first time, for these problems have been happening since 2010. Our compañeros and compañeras, the Zapatista support bases of San Marcos Avilés, are living in a very difficult situation, in their own community, caused by people affiliated to different political parties and by the authorities of the same community. We will now tell of the events that have been occurring.

Since 2010, our compañeros and compañeras in the afore-mentioned community have been facing death threats, harassment, loss of their cultivated lands, and evictions from their own community, purely because they started to set up an autonomous education system for their people. In 2010, one of our compas was arrested and forced to sign a document agreeing to leave the organization. Our compa refused to sign it, despite great pressure to do so, and was finally released, though with a large number of threats and obscenities.
They [the aggressors] also said they were going to take away the community’s land.

On 24 and August 25, 2010, authorities and persons affiliated to different political parties,
evicted our compañeros and compañeras, bases of support, from their lands, which they had purchased over 10 years ago: the total amount of land that the party supporters
took over amounted to 29¼ hectares, situated in different locations within the ejido,
where each family of compas had been working year after year. Within these areas were:
5,850 coffee trees, 10 hectares of cornfield with sowings of beans, 7 cattle, 6 horses, and 3 occupied houses, all of which belong to our support base compas.

On September 9, 2010 our compañeros and compañeras, Zapatista supporters, were displaced from their communities by the people from the different political parties. After 33 days of living as displaced refugees in the mountains, our compas returned to their communities on October 12. Although their homes and possessions had been ransacked and all their crops destroyed, our compas started all over again. The Human Rights Centre in San Cristobal de las Casas (Frayba) has full knowledge of all that took place during this year.

But the problem was not over. When our compañeros and compañeras returned to their communities, they continued to suffer the same threats and harassment from the people from the different political parties. We are going to recount the actions and violent provocations they are now enduring.

On 2nd January 2011, the official authorities of the San Marcos community held an assembly, where they discussed the imposition of a tax on electricity, and forcing our  compañeros and compañeras, Zapatista supporters, to pay this tax on electricity. They threatened our compas, using obscene language, saying that if they did not pay, they would be displaced from their lands again.

On February 8, 2011, the authorities from the different parties in San Marcos community
began organising again to provoke our compas, Zapatista support bases from this community. They began to collect land tax of 20 pesos per hectare per year, but our compas did not agree.

On February 13, a former Chilón municipal police officer, named Ernesto Lopez Nunez,
said that the land that our compañeros and compañeras, support bases had purchased, now belonged to him and not to the Good Government Council (JBG) and that the Good Government Council was lying. From that date the people from other political parties began to rent out these fields, which had previously been bought by our compas, to people from other ejidos (Tzajala’ and Progreso) at 100 pesos per planting (tarea); the land that belongs by right to the ejido is 8 hectares.

On the 17th of February this year the official authorities of the ejido were to pay the land tax to the tax collectors for the state of Chilon. According to reports, the tax collectors
asked for a document signed by the the Zapatista support bases saying that they would not pay the tax; the official authorities did not provide this, but instead pooled their money to pay the tax so that it would appear that all the land belonging to our support bases actually belonged to them.

On February 25, 2011, our compas went to work in their coffee fields, a spy
from one of the political parties arrived there. On the same date, 30 of these people gathered in the afternoon to come to an agreement. The next day they came to work in the coffee fields belonging to our support base compas, all carrying loaded firearms, threatening and taunting the Good Government Junta and our compas. They also put the coffee fields up for sale, at a price of 14,000 pesos per hectare, in order to get money to buy more firearms.

On April 6, 2011 a civil peace camp was set up in the ejido of San Marcos, and the civilian
observers were threatened. During the end of March and early April the aggressors from
the different parties continued to work on the plots of our compañeros and compañeras, bases of support and carried out the following activities: they cut down corn, sugarcane,
trees, bananas, coffee, mountain pastures, in order to prepare the fields.

Also, as the Good Government Councils, we have received reports from the observers installed in the community, who have reported the presence of the federal preventive police in the community, the first time one van arrived, at other times two vans and at other times three vans, with the pretext of observing the two groups, the Zapatista support bases and the political party members.

The first group of observers also report that threats of death and eviction have been made against our Zapatista support bases.

On April 20, 2011, the observers reported that the threats and occupations of Zapatista lands continued, and that at nights they could hear shouts and gunfire. The 30 aggressors from the different political parties met in different homes where they planned that they would not take one step back in the face of the internationals, and that they were not afraid to do what was necessary to get rid of the observers. The [observers] also report that all the work that had been done by our Zapatista support bases has now been destroyed by the attackers.

On 24 April this year, seven of our bases of support were in search of firewood in the forest
when they came upon one of the aggressors, whose name is Abraham Kanté Lopez, a member of the PRI party. He said that if our compas and support bases collected firewood from his land he would kill them, and he threw a stone toward the head of one of our compas but did not hit him.

The same day a compañero, base of support, fetching cobs from his cornfield was threatened by the same aggressor who said that if he caught him again fetching cobs from his field that he would kill him.

On the 25th of April, 2011 the aggressor and PRI party member, Manuel Diaz Ruiz, occupied a cornfield of 5 tareas belonging to one of our support bases. We are also informed that the attackers have 25 or 30 weapons of different calibres.

The people who have guns are the following:

Lorenzo Ruiz Gómez has a 30-30 calibre firearm, plus a 38 calibre pistol.
Jose Cruz Hernandez has a 30-30 calibre firearm.
Manuel Ruiz Diaz has a 22 calibre firearm of 10 shots.
Santiago Diaz Cruz has a 12 calibre shotgun.
Sanchez Victor Diaz has a 22 calibre firearm of 16 shots.
Vicente Ruiz Lopez has a 22 calibre firearm of 16 shots.
Ernesto López Núñez has a 22 calibre firearm of 16 shots.
Victor Núñez Martinez has a 38 calibre army gun.
Tomas Aguilar Hernandez has a 22 calibre firearm of 16 shots.
Ernesto Méndez Gutiérrez has a 38 calibre army gun.
Rubén Martínez Vázquez has a 38 calibre army gun
Abraham Kante Lopez has a 22 calibre firearm of 2 shots.
Juan Perez Cruz has a 22 calibre firearm of 2 shots.
Vicente Mendez Ruiz has a 22 calibre firearm.
Rogelio Ruiz Gómez has a 22 calibre firearm of 16 shots.
Manuel Vazquez Gomez has a 22 calibre army gun.
Jose Cruz Diaz has a 22 calibre firearm of 2 shots.
Ezequiel Diaz Cruz has a 22 calibre firearm February of 2 shots.
Pedro Cruz Kante has a 22 calibre firearm of one shot.
Andres Cruz Nunez has a 38-calibre army gun.
Manuel Ruiz Gomez has a 22-calibre pistol.
Nicholas Kante Cruz has a 22 calibre firearm of 2 shots.

These are the aggressors who have firearms of different calibres, apart from those whose calibre of weapons are not known.

Another group of observers report that on May 21, 2011, some women from the political parties accused the observers of theft when some officials who arrived to distribute crumbs from the bad government at Yokjá were assaulted by a group of masked men, now the official authorities accuse the observers.

They also report that on May 22nd, the leaders of the aggressor group were Jose Cruz Hernandez, Ernesto Méndez Gutiérrez, José Guadalupe Kante Gómez , Domingo Ruiz Pérez, Alejandro Núñez Ruiz and Gomez Genaro Vazquez, who gathered at the edge of the road in a little shop, all equipped with firearms and one of them, a former police officer from the municipality of Chilon, Ernesto López Núñez, had brought weapons from Chilon.

On the 2nd of June this year, the support bases of San Marcos came to the Good Government Junta to report the following facts: on this date, the 2nd of June, three leaders of the political parties, Lorenzo Ruiz Gómez, Carlos Ruiz Gómez, and Ernesto López  Núñez, arrived at the house of our compañero Lorenzo Mendoza Velasco, at around 8 o’clock at night. When the wife of Lorenzo realised, she shouted to her husband, at this moment the three assailants ran away, the objective of these offenders was to rape the compañera, and seize the observers.

On the 3rd of June, people from the different political parties came to burn the land belonging to support base compañero Sebastian Ruiz López, the plan of these aggressors was that the bases of support would put out the fire and then start a fight with the aggressors.

On the same day, June 3rd, a compa and base of support found 20 perpetrators,
led by Lorenzo Ruiz Gomez, in a stream. They were blocking the road and were armed
and our compañero had to turn back because he could not pass.

On 5th June, the leaders of the different political parties in the community of San Marcos called an assembly where they raised a deed of agreement directed at the military chief of Ocosingo, Fernando Martinez. This was to request federal troops to put an end to our compañero bases of support, because the leaders of the attackers said they had already done everything possible to destroy the Zapatista bases of support, but could not finish them off.

On the same day the leaders of the attackers arrived at Citalá municipality and at San Juaquin in the municipality of Citalá, to find some people who are murderers to kill our compañero bases of support.

On June 13, 2011, another peace camper reported that the situation in San Marcos was the same as in previous days, day by day there were threats and harassment. On this date a truckload of soldiers passed by the road to Tacuba. The soldiers were requested by the political party [members] to patrol three times a week.

On the 18th of June this year, seven of our compañero bases of support were on an errand, when they passed through Tacuba Nueva they saw two leaders of the attackers, Lorenzo Gómez Ruiz, a native of San Marcos community, and Vicente Ruiz Perez, from Tacuba Nueva community; our compañeros were chased for 700 metres by these aggressors.

On the 25th of June, five of the aggressors, Lorenzo Ruiz, Ernesto Gomez López Núñez and three others who were not known to us, came to spy close to the house of our compañero Juan Velasco Aguilar at one o’clock in the morning.

On 30 June this year a team of delegates from the state government arrived in San Marcos
Aviles, and spoke to the commissioner (comisariado) of the community, but so far it is not known what they discussed or what plans they made. As far as we know, they are to return to the community, arriving on Saturday July 2nd, but we do not know what their intentions are.

The amount of land our compañeros have now been deprived of is 31¼ hectares and 8500 coffee trees; all of this is now in the possession of the aggressors from the political parties. Also the aggressors are saying that the fields that our support base compas have cultivated will no longer be beneficial to them but to the aggressors and they are just waiting for harvest time.

In this situation of aggression, threats and theft of their land faced by our compas since they
settled back into their homes and into their community of San Marcos Avilés, they have endured many injustices made against them and have shown great patience in not responding with violence.

And neither have we, the Good Government Council of the Chiapas Highlands area, responded violently in word or deed to these attacks and threats, because the Zapatistas are people of reason and principles and we do not want to fight our own indigenous brothers and sisters. But the bad governors of our State and our country seek at all costs that among the indigenous we see our brothers and sisters as enemies and kill each other.

We, as the Good Government Council of the Chiapas Highlands area, have publicly denounced the provocations and attacks that our compañeros from the community of San Marcos Aviles have been suffering, and we have demanded that their rights are respected. But the bad government has done absolutely nothing to resolve and prevent the serious problems which could happen in this community; what the state and municipal governments have done is to support and back the attackers so they can continue provoking, threatening and stripping our Zapatista support bases of their belongings. There are no signs of this aggressive and arrogant attitude of the bad governors and their people coming to an end.

For us, as a Good Government Council, it is our duty and obligation to publicly denounce once again all the aggressions, persecutions and provocations committed by those people affiliated to the different political parties, and by the paramilitaries supported, advised and paid by the municipal, state and federal governments who are the masterminds of these human rights violations.

We want to make it clear to the officials of the 3 levels of government, and to the people they have controlled and manipulated, that our support base compas of the community of San Marcos Aviles are not going to leave, they are going to stay where they are and resist because they have the right be in their own community and to work the land which belongs to them, and sooner or later they will get back what belongs to them because it is rightfully theirs.

They should not think that they will stop the struggle of the Zapatistas for the construction of our autonomy and for national liberation with provocation, threats, assaults and persecution, because whatever the cost, and whatever happens, we will continue to go forward, as is our right.

We will not remain silent in the Face of any threat and aggression made against our compas, we will not allow the bad governments, by means of people affiliated to the different political parties, to carry on threatening us and subjecting us to their whims, we the Good Government Council will continue to denounce all the violent acts of provocation against our Zapatista support bases. And we demand that they be respected and that their stolen belongings be returned to them.

Although right now our compañeros and compañeras, support bases from the ejido of San Marcos Avilés, in the official municipality of Chilon, are living in a very tense situation, with fear of aggression and threats from the party members and the presence of police patrols.

We therefore say clearly that if anything were to happen to our compañeros and compañeras Zapatista support bases and to the international observers who have remained to witness what has happened, and what might happen, in San Marcos Aviles, it will be the three levels of the bad government who will be solely responsible and will have to answer for their shameful acts.

Finally we ask all adherents [to the Other Campaign and Zezta International] and members of national and international civil society to remain attentive to what might happen to our compañeros and compañeras from the ejido of San Marcos Avilés in the official municipality of Chilon, Chiapas.

At the moment this is all we have to say, and we will continue to denounce what is done to our support bases.


Samuel Velasco Sánchez
Montesino López Gómez
Lenin Mendez Velasco
Abraham Hernández Perez
Gabriela Hernández Diaz
Karina Pérez Hernández


The JBG of Oventic reports on the situation of the displaced support bases and denounces the repression of the bad government.





October 13, 2010

Subject:  Explanatory document









We, the Good Government Council, Heart of the Zapatistas in front of the world, Highlands region of Chiapas, Mexico.

We want to announce  that our compañeros and compañeras, who were displaced from Ejido San Marcos Aviles, Chilon official municipality  since September 9 this year by threats and attacks perpetrated by people from political parties, returned to their home community on 12 October this year (2010).

The return was accompanied by a committee of compañeros and compañeras from several pueblos nearby to San Marcos Aviles.

Our compañeros are now in their community; it is unfair that many children, women, elderly and sick are suffering all kinds of needs and privations, away from the place they were born, while the perpetrators are enjoying their freedom, receiving all support from local governments, state and federal authorities.

Our colleagues are back in their humble homes, looted and some even half destroyed by the assailants, but our support bases will stay there, because our compañeros and compañeras have the right to live in their pueblo and work on their land, they will not disturb anyone, they just want to live in their pueblo and work to survive, because they will not beg from the bad government, our compañeros will live and eat from their own work and sweat.

Our compañeros will continue working to build their own autonomy in health, education, collective work and to have their own authorities, whilst respecting others, provided their rights are also respected, but they will not be submitted to the will of public authorities or the people from the political parties.

If something happens to our brothers and sisters who are now in their community, we hold responsible the municipal, state and federal authorities who give advice, money and arm paramilitaries, and manipulate the poor and miserable.

We Zapatistas do not trouble anybody, we do not displace our brothers from the political parties, we don’t chase anyone, we don’t steal the lands of our campesino brothers or any other property of other poor brothers; we only defend what is ours, our rights, we live and eat from what we get from our own work and sweat, but we want to fight for true democracy, freedom and justice for all. And these are our crimes as Zapatistas.

This is the reason why the federal, state and municipal authorities train paramilitaries and chiefs,  pay poor people to attack and destroy our struggle, our strength, and continue their threats, assaults, evictions and theft of land and property of our support bases, just as they did with our brothers and sisters from the community of el Pozo, official municipality of C’ancuc; they were attacked violently by people from political parties, just because our compañeros also want to have their rights to water and electricity, and now they have unjustly imprisoned 3 of our compañeros blaming them for the death of a PRI member in the attack that they caused themselves.  When some of our compañeros saw their compañeros were going to be killed, and felt attacked, they had to act to defend themselves and their compañeros.

But those compañeros who fought and defended themselves and their compañeros fled for fear of being arrested and killed by the attackers, so up to now we do not know yet where they are, but these are not in jail now, but our 3 compañeros  are unjustly imprisoned because they have nothing to do with the death of that Priista. Our 3 compañeros:  Miguel Hernández Pérez, Diego Martínez Santis and Miguel Méndez Santis, prisoners in CERESO 5, in the community of los Llanos, in the municipality of San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, are “innocent.”

But the bad government with its judges and prosecutors does not know how to do justice, because they do not investigate properly,  and put in jail innocent  people, who pay for something they have not done. The governments from our country and their people affiliated to the various political parties are making so much injustice and persecution to our fellow Zapatistas and against other social activists.

But we want to tell the bad governments and their whelps that the Zapatistas will no longer allow them to continue their evil deeds against our communities in struggle, we will not allow more attacks and evictions against our support bases; the only crimes of our compañeros,  for which they are attacked, threatened and persecuted, are just because they want to exercise their rights to education, health and autonomy.

We want all the people from Mexico, and from the whole world know that in Chiapas and Mexico “it is an offence to exercise the rights to education, health and autonomy as peoples.” Because the only crime that our compañeros have committed, for which they are threatened, attacked and persecuted, is because they want to have their own autonomous education for their children, want to live with rights and justice, they want to be respected as human beings.

But it is very clear that the bad State, federal and municipal governments, at all costs want to destroy us, want to annihilate us, because the Zapatistas speak the truth, because we don’t  tell lies, because we are clear that the murderers, the provokers, the attackers, the unjust and the destroyers of mankind are the evil rulers and the powerful, because it is they who are plundering the wealth of our country, destroying nature, massacring our people, killing and putting in jail innocent people. It is the bad governments who hand over the wealth of our country into the hands of large national and foreign companies, they are the ones that invade and occupy our territories. And now the bad government says there is no land for the campesinos, no water and electricity for the people, and whenever we get a little service, our people have to pay high taxes; those who fail to pay have their electricity and water cut off. If our compañeros do not pay property taxes, their lands are taken away and given to the paramilitaries and the chiefs.

Against people who fight and defend their rights, the bad governments organize and use indigenous and poor people to threaten, assault and evict their brothers in the community in exchange for economic and social support, such as housing, toilets, storerooms and cash. Then, where is the justice, where are the rights and the equality so vaunted by the bad governments and political parties? Those directly responsible for all the aggressions, provocations, evictions, fighting between brothers and all the disorder that exists among our people, are the 3 levels of government.

We want the powerful and the bad leaders to know that, we, the Zapatistas, will continue struggling for our rights, our freedom and to build our autonomy in health, education, trade, media and for our autonomous government.

Autonomous education has begun in all Zapatista autonomous municipalities and territories. But to cover the shame of bad government, they say there is no problem with teachers in any official school, but they must complete the data using the names of the indigenous children who are no longer in the official schools, so that no teacher need be displaced.

The bad government doesn’t want the autonomy of the communities, because they want to continue having the original people under their control. They hate it when indigenous peoples learn to organize and govern themselves, but whatever happens, this struggle that we are undertaking cannot be stopped.

We ask all our brothers and sisters of the national and international civil society and all  compañeros adherent to the Other Campaign and the Sexta,  to be vigilant and aware of what will happen to our brothers and sisters who returned to their community, and in other communities which are also threatened. This is all our word for now.










The JBG of Oventic denounce repression from political parties and authorities in San Marcos and Pamala




September 9, 2010










Our compañeros, Manuel Vasquez Alvarez from Pamala, official Municipality of Citala,  and Pedro Cruz Gomez from Guadalupe  el Kaptetaj community, also part of Citala, came to our office based in Oventic to inform us that our colleague Manuel Vazquez was summoned  by the authorities of the Ejido San Marcos Avilés, Chilon Municipality, and the authorities of Pamala, official municipality of Citala. Our colleague Manuel attended the meeting, because he was  warned early on that if he did not attend, the police would come to get him by force.  When he arrived at the meeting in San Marcos Avilés, there were people affiliated to the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), Party of Democratic Revolution (PRD) and the Green Ecological Party of Mexico, our compañero was then told  at the assembly to resolve the problem that arose  from setting up autonomous education in the community of San Marcos.

Our compañero replied that not only was autonomous education beginning in San Marcos but also in all municipalities where our autonomous Zapatista organization is present, and that  is when several people in the assembly began to swear vulgar and offensive words at our compañero, at  the Zapatista organization and at the autonomous authorities, and then told him to  sign a document that said he would  leave the Zapatista organization;  that the school that has just been built by our organization  in the ejido San Marcos would be destroyed , and that we must prohibit autonomous education.

Our compañero said he would not sign any document, he said he had the right to be in the organization and therefore would not allow any pressure from anybody, and that’s when he was interrogated further and forced to say who were the leaders of the organization ; ourcompañero answered that he would not betray his comrades and the organization. His response was welcomed with more threats and he was told that they would take him to court and they put him in the community’s  jail from 12.15 pm on the night of August 21st , and every so often they would take him out of jail to pressure him to sign the document and that is also when another compañero came from Guadalupe el Kaptetaj to see what was happening with compañero Manuel, and, they immediately grabbed him and also put him in jail, his name is  Pedro Cruz Gomez;  they removed his shoes, his belt and then put in his pockets a knife in order to accuse him of murder.

Meanwhile, the compañero Manuel was taken out from jail and pressured to sign the document, this happened 9 times, but Manuel flatly refused to sign the document, and was told he had to pay $ 5000.00 pesos for his release. The compañero replied that he would not pay anything because he owed nothing and received no support from the bad government.

Later on, ourcompañeros were released from prison without paying the fine, but received a lot of threats and obscenities and were told to leave the Zapatista organization, demanding they do not to not inform the Junta of Good Government, and they also were told that 23 hectares of their land will be dispossessed. The land was purchased by our compañeros, where they have been working for more than 10 years.

Our compañeros were told that a committee is asking the Agrarian Attorney for the cancellation of the land rights of our 15 compañeros ejidatarios of the community of San Marcos Avilés. This is with the aim to dislodge and expel them from the community, and they have said if they don’t leave when asked, then removal will be with the use of violence. The authorities complied with their threats to remove the lands of our compañeros. On 24th and August 25th of this year, the authorities and affiliated persons of different political parties, took the land which our support bases purchased 10 years ago.  The total land that the people took is 29 and ¼ hectares, located in different places within the ejido, where each compañeros family has been working every year, so within these areas include: 5,850 coffee plants, 10 acres of cornfield, with a patch of beans, 7 cattle, 6 horses and 3 simple houses, which all belong to our support bases.

At this time the lands of our compañeros and  support bases are occupied by people from the political parties who are working on coffee plantations and in the cornfields of our compañeros,  as well as have destroyed a hectare of bananas planted by our compañeros.

On August 22nd there were several gun shots into the air to intimidate our compañeros, and also at night they are gathering to make plans and then distribute themselves in groups throughout the community, carrying machetes, sticks, some with firearms, late at night they retire.

On September 8th the invaders took 7 cattle that were probably sold, on the same day they stole the wire fences that were used by our compañeros and there were several gun shots.

The political parties say this is the first step against our compañeros:  taking away their property. The next step is to dislodge all males from the ejido and their wives and daughters would stay for the party supporters and then they would burn all the houses of our compañeros.

In this situation of aggression and threats, the junta of good government in this area los Altos de Chiapas, has sent a letter addressed to the authorities and inhabitants of the ejido to advise them in a polite manner not to disturb or harass ourcompañeros support bases, and to respect their belongings because they are also dwellers in the same ejido and have the same rights as everyone else. The lands have been purchased and they have documents that prove it, therefore, they are entitled to claim what is theirs and they are not asking for more land but only what is theirs. Unfortunately, the authorities’ response from the ejido and the municipality regarding our letter was rude, they mocked about it and made more threats to our compañeros. It is clear that these people are far from understanding our reasons.

On September 9 at 2:00 am they met their objectives and evicted our brothers and sisters, 30 people from the political parties led by Mr. Lorenzo Ruiz Ruiz Gomez and Vicente Lopez, arrived at the house of our compañeros aggressively and violently, armed with machetes, sticks and other weapons. They entered two houses and tried to rape two women. Our compañeros paid no attention to such provocation and violence from the aggressors, and instead decided to leave their homes leaving all their belongings. There are 170 people men, women and children, who are at present refugees in the mountains, suffering, hunger, cold, sleeplessness and fear of aggression.

The party leaders claim that whenever they achieve their goals to eject the Zapatista communities, it means they will continue with other communities where autonomous schools are located.

For us as the Good Government  Junta, it is our duty and obligation to report to the public all assaults, harassment and provocation from those affiliated to the different political parties, supported, advised and ill-paid by the municipal, state and federal governments who are the masterminds of these human rights violations.

We will not remain silent in face of any threats and aggressions against our compañeros; we will  not allow the bad governments, through their affiliated persons of different parties, to continue the threats and to be submitted to their pleasure, because the aim of such attitudes and violent aggressions of the three levels of government through the political parties, is to make us fall into provocations, is to prevent our children’s education and the improvement of our struggle towards the construction of our autonomy.

Because the bad governments did not know how to stop the national liberation struggle of the Zapatistas, they are now trying to stop the autonomous education in this way and they want to become a problem, because they want to continue controlling us with their formal education that doesn’t benefit the people but only serves the rich.

We want to express to the public that we will continue with our autonomous education throughout  Zapatista territory, our children will no longer be in the public schools because they are never going to teach the truth of how we live as indigenous peoples and and how all the poor in Mexico live, and if the levels of government do not take notice of it, it is to cover their shame.

Our compañeros who were evicted from their homes in the last hours have to return home and  we demand that our people are respected by the parties and the three levels of government. We demand that  heir belongings that have been taken are immediately returned, that their rights are respected to work their land as ejidatarios, their rights to education for their children and their rights to live on their own land.

If their rights are not respected and this problem is not solved smoothly, those directly responsible are the 3 levels of government, and it is demonstrated once again that it is a lie when they speak of rights, respect, that the problems between people are resolved through dialogue and reason. We ask the adherents and the national and international civil society to be vigilant of what is going on with our brothers and sisters of the ejido San Marcos Avilés, official municipality of Chilon, Chiapas.

For now this is all our word and we will continue to denounce any actions against our support base.



Samuel Ruiz Ruiz Velasco Sonia Sanchez Flor Lopez Perez


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